OAD is made by professionals for professionals

OBSERVE-ASSESS-DECIDE makes a clear distinction and utility of the various services that are available for the older persons.

Optimal use of OBSERVE-ASSESS-DECIDE builds upon the specific competences as represented by respective professionals and professional groups within the entire process including assessment, decision and care provision.

OAD as a software product

OBSERVE-ASSESS-DECIDE is a web solution in all its functions and components.

OAD logic

Data typing and decision-making in OBSERVE-ASSESS-DECIDE builds upon formal logic based on category theory. Generalized sets of terms over suitable signatures, using partially ordered monads, establish data structures with built-in facilities for uncertainty management and many-valuedness. Suitable ground categories enable management of uncertainties not just for data but also for operations.

OAD modularity, sustainability and security

The OBSERVE-ASSESS-DECIDE architecture is organized so as to utilize a wide range web services.

Objects are remotable and their interrelations provide the required modularity of OBSERVE-ASSESS-DECIDE. This modularity makes OBSERVE-ASSESS-DECIDE development and maintenance sustainable, so that future updates, as required e.g. by operating system and underlying server updates, can be performed effectively and efficiently without incurring significant additional costs for OBSERVE-ASSESS-DECIDE customers.

OBSERVE-ASSESS-DECIDE includes login functions and user authentication in order to prevent unauthorized access.

Encryption of data ensures that information is not readable in transfer from server to client. Database access and management is server-side for all critical parts of the OBSERVE-ASSESS-DECIDE database management system.