Four Computing

Salo, Finland

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Four Computing Oy is an information technology service provider specialized on information management, business processes and software development. We are located in Southwest Finland.

We deliver sustainable solutions and improve performance for our customers. We use established technologies and focus on well-founded solution strategies. Our R&D in analytics, design, computer systems and software development is front edge.

Four Computing service provision is ICT management and technology transfer for companies and organizations.

We have strong competence and broad experience in analytics, forecasting, optimization and prediction, with database management related to data mining and warehousing. Our customer applications typically require considerations of churn, segmentation and risk.

Customer and community oriented software developments usually include social choice, media, planning, location, maps, and situational awareness. Our excellence in software development covers well-established programming methodology, database management, web services and remoting, web analytics, and security.

We are well versed in eHealth, including decision support for management of public diseases, pharmacologic information systems, and health and social care information and process management of ageing. Smart homes and device-oriented monitoring and care adds further value to our software product portfolio.

We provide innovative solutions for crisis management and its ontology, with a technical infrastructure including intelligent devices and wireless sensors, together with the service oriented architecture based communication platform integrating the use of tools into a common crisis management support framework. Further, management of information as well as process provides control and unification of pervasive and dynamic information sources.

We have excellence in logic and ontology. Our view is that ontology is much more than mere vocabulary and terminology. Hierarchical concepts are poor representatives of ontological frameworks. Ontology must include 'sentence', and ontology must include 'reasoning' as formally described by logical entailment and satisfaction.

We cooperate in networks of companies. Our know-how is based on 20 years of R&D experience. We are connected to front-edge research, and communicate worldwide with universities of highest reputation.

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